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Rossmoor Homeowners Association (Mutuals)

2011 GRF Mutuals Map BRossmoor has 18 different Homeowners Associations, called Mutuals, defined by Davis-Stirling as “nonprofit corporations or unincorporated associations created for the purpose of managing a common interest development (CID).”

Rossmoor has three types of CIDs: Co-ops, Condos and one PUD (planned unit development). Each of Rossmoor’s Mutuals has similar styles of housing. Currently, each Mutual hires a managing company (the Mutual Operations Division) to manage the upkeep of the property, which includes painting, roofing, deck and fence work, landscaping and street repairs.

Each Mutual has a board of directors that establishes policies and rules and sets budgets to maintain the property. The boards serve the needs of the residents.

There are three co-op Mutuals: First Mutual with 1,878 units; Second Mutual with 1,387 units; and Mutual Eight, with 103 units.

Co-ops are “share” corporations that own title to the real property (buildings and land). The owners (“members”) of the corporation receive an exclusive right of occupancy to an apartment together with the ownership of one share of stock in the corporation. Since the corporation owns the property, it does almost all of the external maintenance of the buildings and grounds and is responsible for major appliances. Funds from the fees pay for these services.

There 14 condo Mutuals: Third Mutual with 1,676 units; Fourth Mutual with 286 units; Fifth Mutual with 18 condos; Mutual 22 with 43 units; Mutual 28 with 84 units; Mutual 29 with 106 units; Mutual 30 with 76 units; Mutual 48 with 62 units; Mutual 56 with 37 units; Mutual 58, which is the Waterford congregate living with 300 units; Mutual 59 with 108 units; Mutual 65 with 44 units; Mutual 68 with 235 units; and Mutual 70 with 172 units.

The one planned unit development (single-family homes) has 63 homes. Condos and the single-family homes also pay monthly fees for upkeep of the property.

Rossmoor has a total of 6,678 units and is completely built out.

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