Public Safety & Security

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Securitas is Rossmoor’s security service provider with 24-hour, seven days a week staffing inside the Rossmoor gate. Services include entrance control at the main gate, motorized patrol of the community, assistance by Emergency Medical Technicians, response to non-emergency requests, protection from solicitors, and traffic control.In addition, the Securitas staff handles the Radio Frequency access devices for cars and identification card operation at Creekside Public Safety office.Residents and their families can obtain Radio Frequency access devices at the Securitas office Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm. You will need to present your current and valid driver’s license, proof of insurance,
and vehicle registration.Identification (ID) cards can be obtained at the Securitas office Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm.

Contact information:
Guest Clearance: (925) 988-7843
Security/Public Safety Office: (925) 988-7840
Front Gate Emergency: (925) 939-0693
ID cards: (925) 988-7841
RFID vehicle tags: (925) 988-7846
Non-emergency requests for assistance:
(925) 988-7899
Stair-Trac wheelchair assistance: (925) 988-7899 To find out more about Securitas, visit

Public Safety Forms
Resident Golf Cart Registration Form
Changes to Permanent Guest List Form
Lock Box Code and Key Information Form
Instructions for Completion of Permanent Guest List Registration Form
Permanent Guest List Registration Form
Rossmoor Resident Sponsored RFID Device Form
Resident, Lessee, Co-Occupant Access Device Form,

Stair-Trac wheelchair assistance
Securitas offers wheelchair assistance to residents into and out of their manors. The Stair-Trac safely maneuvers residents up and down stairs. Free trips (up or down) are limited to 20 per calendar year. For information about the service, call 925-988-7899.

Emergency Preparedness
Experts say it’s not a matter of IF disaster will strike, but WHEN. It is the goal of the Foundation to facilitate resident self-preparation and to utilize available Foundation resources to benefit the community when disaster strikes. The following outlines ways in which the Foundation plans to achieve this goal.The Foundation takes an active role in emergency preparation, and is in a unique position to provide residents with access to vital information, and the skills needed to prepare before disaster strikes. The Foundation commits to assist residents self-preparation efforts by:

  • Distributing and making available an emergency preparation guide for residents
  • Offering disaster-related training in Rossmoor which includes, but is not limited to, first aid and Community Emergency Response Team training
  • Using Channel 28 and the Rossmoor News as appropriate for public service announcements
  • Stocking designated locations/clubhouses with basic first aid supplies and generators for resident use in the event of a disaster
  • Encouraging residents to coordinate preparation and planning activities within Rossmoor through appropriate donations to community service organizations and clubs organized with an emergency preparedness mission
  • Coordinating with disaster relief organizations and the local government as appropriate in disaster planning

The Foundation’s Limited Role in Emergency Response
The Foundation’s ability to respond following a disaster may be very limited in the initial days following an event. To the extent possible under the circumstances, the Foundation will:

  • Establish a control center at the Gateway Clubhouse that will direct the Foundation’s response efforts
  • Establish a communication center near the control center to communicate with outside agencies following a disaster
  • Evacuate trust properties if necessary
  • Evaluate trust properties including clubhouses, and as appropriate open them for public use
  • Establish a basic first aid center at the Gateway Clubhouse
  • Secure the gate
  • Facilitate entrance of emergency response personnel and evacuation of residents if necessary
  • As resources permit, assist residents with light search and rescue operations and expand first aid services provided

The purpose of the Golden Rain Foundation Emergency Operations Plan is to establish a system for coordinating preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation of disasters and emergencies in Rossmoor. This plan will enhance the Foundation’s ability to prepare for and respond to “all-hazards” events.
To view the complete Golden Rain Foundation Emergency Operations Plan click here.
For Resident Emergency / Disaster Information (REDI), click here

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