Del Valle Facility Expansion Project

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The Fitness Center Advisory Committee (FCAC) documents and shares work that has been done in regards to the planning for the Del Valle Facility Expansion Project. Although many of these documents are available for review at the GRF Board Offices, they are also available online for residents to review.

Ten architectural firms were invited to submit a Statement of Qualifications explaining their qualifications to work with our community for Phase 1 of the expansion project. After an in-depth review of the five firms that responded, the FCAC invited four of them to respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP).

Phase 1 included several outreach meetings which included community town halls, meetings with clubs and the FCAC. This allowed the residents to provide input on their wants, needs and desires in an expanded Fitness Center. The firms would then prioritize the requests and determine how to best fit them into the confines of the existing square footage of the facility. They would be able to determine how best to share or “multi-use” spaces for similar types of activities.

Phase 1 also included a survey of the building by electrical, mechanical and structural engineers to determine the structural integrity and any issues that could occur in fulfilling the requests. They were also asked to look at air quality issues in the enclosed pool area. They were then to produce three schematic drawings for the Golden Rain Board of Directors and the community to review for comment. This phase was for information gathering and planning purposes only. Absolutely no construction would occur during this phase.

Upon receipt of the four RFP’s, the FCAC invited three of them for an interview, which was open to all residents. Below are copies of the Statements of Qualifications and Request for Proposals from the four firms that were chosen for the RFP process. Of the four, the three firms invited for interviews were Bull Stockwell Allen, Wallis Design Studio, and WNB.

Bull Stockwell Allen SOQ Response RFP Response
ELS SOQ Response RFP Response
Wallis Design Studio SOQ Response RFP Response
WNB SOQ Response RFP Response

The May 2, 2013 Architect Interview questions.

A compilation of some of the fitness expansion ideas from the General Plan, FORF and members of the FCAC as a discussion document: Fitness Expansion Ideas.

Del Valle Clubhouse and Pool floor plan.

Public comments and summary of emailed suggestions.

Except from the General Plan regarding Del Valle expansion.

Fitness Center attendance 2009-current.

Fitness Center attendance detail June 2013.

All pools attendance 2007-current.

Del Valle Pool attendance detail March 2013.

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