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Below are descriptions of services provided by a Golden Rain Handyman Service Contract. Items covered by your Mutual are not covered by the Handyman Service, although they may appear on the list. Items not covered under the service will need to be supplied by the resident, or may be purchased at the time of service. If you have any specific questions regarding what the Golden Rain Handyman Service Contract covers, call (925) 988-7650, check the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

Golden Rain Handyman Program – Description of Services

  • Fluorescent Tubes/Light Bulbs: Replace any light bulb in the manor including non-functioning appliance bulbs. Resident is responsible for supplying bulbs. Replace defective fluorescent ballast.
  • Lamps: Repair or replace defective switches, sockets, and wiring. Replace defective cords and plugs. Replace defective cord line dimmer switches. Assemble and test new lamps.
  • Light Fixtures: Raise, lower and install resident-supplied chandeliers. Repair or replace defective light sockets and ballasts. Repair wiring within the fixture. Repair or replace dimmer switch. Install new resident-supplied light fixtures.
  • Other Electrical: Replace defective light switches and outlets. Replace defective GFI outlets. Reset tripped circuit breakers. Replace defective wall dimmer switch. Repair electrical wiring shorts within the box. Replace defective door bell, button and transformer.
  • Drains: Clear clogged drains within the unit including kitchen sink trap, garbage disposal, dishwasher air gap, bathroom sink trap, toilets, tub, and shower.
  • Plumbing: Repair or replace traps, pipes and hoses from the floor to the wall as needed. Repair tub and shower mixing valves. Repair or replace tub and basin stoppers.
  • Toilets: Replace defective flush valves, balls, and flappers. Replace seals as needed. Resolve stoppages.
  • Sinks, Kitchen and Bath: Replace leaking hoses and supply lines. Replace defective spray heads. Unplug, clean or replace drain traps. Repair or replace defective stoppers. Repair or replace defective pull rods. Remove trap to recover items lost in drain.
  • Tub and Showers: Repair or adjust tub and shower doors as needed. Repair or replace mixing valve. Clear clogged drains. Repair stopper. Replace shower head (resident-supplied). Reinstall fallen shower curtain.
  • Faucets: Repair faucets within the unit. Replace aerators, if needed. Replace handles (resident-supplied).
  • Garbage Disposals: Replace resident supplied disposal. Clear jammed disposals. Reset switch. Replace defective wall switch. Clean or replace air gap as needed. Repair or replace electrical cord.
  • Dishwashers: Remove object in tub. Repair interior parts as needed. Tighten counter attachment screws as needed. Repair leaking drain hose.
  • Vent Fans: Replace defective switch. Repair fan blade vibration. Replace defective motor.
  • Resident Assistance Equipment (all equipment supplied by resident): Install wood blocks under bed. Install raised toilet seat. Install toilet support/grab bars. Tighten loose shower grab bars.
  • Refrigerators: Test temperature. Repair defective parts as needed. Compressor excluded.
  • Ovens: Repair as needed.
  • Range Hoods: Repair as needed.
  • Cook Tops: Repair as needed. Glass tops excluded.
  • Washing Machines: Replace leaking supply lines. Remove objects from jammed tub and pump. Replace leaking pump hose. Adjust or replace pump belt. Replace defective water level or water fill switch. Replace defective door switch. Repair wiring shorts. Replace (resident-supplied) motor, pump, transmission, timer or control switch.
  • Clothes Dryers: Replace light bulb. Temperature test. Re-attach vent hose. Clear clogged vent hose. Replace broken belt. Repair wire short. Replace limit switch. Remove jammed objects from drum. Replace defective heating element. Replace defective temperature sensor. Replace defective door switch. Replace defective start switch. Replace worn roller. Replace worn drum bearing. Replace (resident-supplied) motor and timer units.
  • Furnaces: Replace blown fuses. Check heating efficiency. Replace defective high limit switch. Reset tripped circuit breakers. Repair leaking gas line connections. Replace (resident purchased) blower motor. Replace defective electric heat element. Replace defective door switch. Repair loose ducts. Clean filters. Explain thermostat operation. Adjust thermostat calibration. Repair minor electrical problems. Repair or replace electrical contact. Replace defective transformer.
  • Central Air Conditioning: Test for efficiency. Reset tripped switch. Replace blown fuse. Reset circuit breaker. Replace defective fan blower blades. Add Freon as needed. Tighten loose supply line connectors. Tighten loose fill cap. Replace defective magnetic electrical control. Replace defective capacitor. Repair defective wiring. Replace defective transformer.
  • Water Heaters: Adjust temperature. Inspect for leaks. Relight pilot light. Replace supply line washers as needed. Replace defective thermo coupler. Replace defective heating element. Replaced defective thermostat control. Reset tripped thermostat control. Replace defective safety valve. Check for gas odor. Repair leaking drain valve. Repair wiring.
  • Window and Deck Shades: Adjust pull string. Tighten loose brackets. Replace worn end brackets. Install (resident-supplied) shades.
  • Closet doors: Adjust or reset doors. Lubricate doors as needed. Replace defective rollers and missing or defective floor glides. Adjust locking handles. Lubricate hinges as needed.
  • Closets: Replace broken clothes pole and sockets.
  • Sliding Glass Doors and Windows: Lubricate and adjust rollers. Replaced defective rollers. Adjust and lubricate lock. Replace defective lock. Adjust off track door. Replace fallen screens.
  • Sliding Screens: Adjust off track door. Lubricate as needed. Replace defective rollers. Adjust or replace latch. Reinsert loose screen in frame.
  • Drapery Rods: Lubricate pulley as needed. Replace defective draw cord. Replace defective cord tension device. Replace plastic hook eyelets as needed. Reinstall rod screws. Remove drapes for cleaning and reinstall.
  • Drawers: Repair or replace broken runners. Lubricate hinges as needed. Tighten loose screws. Lubricate or replace rollers as needed. Tighten loose pull knobs.
  • Cabinets: Tighten loose hinges. Lubricate and adjust hinges as needed. Replace defective hinges. Tighten loose pull knobs.

The “Personal Services” section describes chore type services. Please note that this section is not exhaustive and many other tasks/chores may be performed on a negotiable case-by-case basis.

Golden Rain Handyman Service does not cover cleaning tasks of any kind, although you may use the service to help you access areas to make it easier for you to clean them (i.e. moving a heavy appliance to allow cleaning below or behind it.)

Personal Services – Are intended to help residents with everyday chores that have become a burden. The resident will supply any necessary parts for personal services. Items covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Install vacuum cleaner bag
  • Remove or install table leaves
  • Open or close convertible couches
  • Turn mattress
  • Move lightweight furniture
  • Hang small lightweight shelves
  • Move or hang potted plants
  • Install paper towel hangers
  • Install cup hooks
  • Small carpentry jobs
  • Duplicate keys made

Other tasks that take less than a half-hour will be considered on a negotiated basis.

Download, view and/or print a copy of the Golden Rain Foundation Service Description List by clicking here.

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