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Resident and guest use of the Fitness Center is subject to the following rules and regulations. Violation of any of the Fitness Center Rules contained herein may initiate the filing of an incident report. Repeated or serious offenses may result in suspension of Fitness Center privileges. The Fitness Center rules are designed to make using the Fitness Center a better experience for everyone.

Before residents begin using exercise equipment or attending classes, a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) and GRF Rossmoor Fitness Center and Aquatic Facilities Release form must be on file. These forms are available at the front desk, or you can print out the forms, complete them and bring them with you on your first visit.

If you plan to use a personal trainer, a completed Health & Physical Activity History and Medical Release form will also be required. Residents with Kaiser insurance will also need to complete the Kaiser Health Information Release Form.

We encourage everyone to complete all of the forms – even those who aren’t working with a trainer. Having a complete set of forms on file in the event of a medical problems or medical emergency enables staff to provide more information to medical personnel/EMTs.

The Golden Rain Foundation operates a Fitness Center which provides professional fitness instruction, exercise equipment, and organized exercise programs for the exclusive use of Rossmoor residents and their accompanied guests.

As used herein, the Fitness Center generally is comprised of the entrance area, lobby, registration/information desk area, exercise equipment area, aerobics room, stretching room, Shasta Room, equipment storage areas (upstairs and downstairs), the Del Valle pools (when utilized for fitness water classes and programs), restrooms, shower rooms, dressing and locker areas that are shared in common with the Del Valle enclosed pool, and staff offices. (FCAC will consult with AAC regarding any common facilities).

Rossmoor residents are required to fill out and sign a Waiver of Liability Form and PAR-Q Form (fitness and health information) prior to using the Fitness Center equipment and programs. Any resident using the services of staff for individual or group training or for orientation on any strength training equipment must complete and sign a Health History Form and a Physician’s Release Form.


Click here to download a copy of the Rossmoor Fitness Center Rules.

  1. SIGN IN IS REQUIRED. Residents, guests and caregivers must sign-in upon entry to the Fitness Center. A Rossmoor ID card with a photo must be presented; or a Rossmoor ID without a picture accompanied by a government issued photo ID. This assures that only authorized residents utilize the Fitness Center
  2. Residents and their guests use the Fitness Center facility, equipment, and programs at their own risk.
  3. Residents and their guests must obey all Fitness Center rules, and follow staff instructions at all times.
  4. Replenishment drinks, water and energy bars are permitted. No other food, drink, chewing gum, tobacco products, breakable containers or alcoholic beverages are allowed in the Fitness Center or locker/restroom areas.
  5. Bandages must cover any open cuts and wounds.
  6. Pets are not permitted, except for service animals.
  7. No one under 18 years old is allowed in the Fitness Center.
  8. To use fitness equipment and participate in Fitness Center activities, residents and guests must be appropriately attired at all times. This includes wearing flat-soled, closed-toed shoes. Swimsuits are only permitted in the locker rooms and pool areas not in the Fitness Center.
  9. CONSULT WITH A TRAINER for proper individual programming and best possible results. It is recommended to change your workout routine every 3-4 months.
  10. DO NOT BRING VALUABLES to the Fitness Center.
  11. BRING A LOCK and store your personal items in the day use lockers. Personal items must be stored in provided cubicles, or in a day-use locker to avoid tripping hazards from items left on the floor.
  12. BRING A TOWEL to maintain personal hygiene on equipment and in the showers.
  13. PERSONAL MUSIC PLAYERS ARE PERMITTED WITH EARPHONES. If you enjoy listing to your Walkman, iPod or other music player, earphones must be used to avoid disturbing others.
  14. AVOID EXCESSIVE FAN USAGE. Please remember that not everyone likes cool air blowing on them. Some residents have medical conditions that may be affected by cool air on perspiring skin. Please read & follow the Fan Usage Protocol below to avoid unnecessary conflicts.
  15. WIPE DOWN all equipment before & after use with provided wipes, towels & spray bottles.
  16. SIGN UP TO USE CARDIO EQUIPMENT. Due to high demand, there is a 30-minute limit of cardio equipment. Follow the Cardio Use Sign-Up Protocol (see below) to avoid any potential conflicts.
  17. REFRAIN FROM TALKING WHILE ON EQUIPMENT (especially moving equipment such as treadmills) to prevent distraction and potential injury to yourself or others.
  18. CELL PHONE USE IS NOT PERMITTED in locker rooms or while using fitness equipment. Class instructors may request that cell phones be turned off during class time.
  19. Return weights, barbells, benches, balls, etc. to their proper place to avoid safety hazards and conflicts with other users who may be looking for specific equipment.
  20. Fitness staff may ask users to relinquish strength training equipment after a reasonable period of time during peak times to accommodate all guests.
  21. AVOID PERFUME OR COLOGNE. Medical studies have revealed an asthma like reaction in many people if exposed to perfumes or colognes while exercising. Please be respectful of others’ limitations and avoid wearing perfume, cologne, or after-shave in the Fitness Center.
  22. DO NOT visit the Fitness Center if you have cold or flu symptoms.
  23. The following actions are never acceptable: Aggressive, inappropriate or unwelcome physical behavior, contact or conversation of any kind; direct or indirect verbal abuse, foul, obscene, harassing or sexually oriented language or gestures; intentional behavior that results in damage to property belonging to other residents, guests, caregivers, staff or to the Golden Rain Foundation; theft or removal without permission of any property belonging to the Golden Rain Foundation, residents, guests, caregivers or staff.


  1. Residents may bring guests to the Fitness Center.
  2. Guests must sign in with just one host resident per visit, and must leave with the same host resident.
  3. Resident host must remain on premises at all times.
  4. Guests must be 18 years of age or older and provide identification upon request.
  5. Guests must sign in when entering Fitness Center and wear blue ID wristband issued at check in.
  6. Residents are responsible for the conduct of their guests.
  7. Residents and their guests must obey Fitness Center rules at all times.


  1. Caregivers must sign in upon entering the Fitness Center and must wear red ID wristband issued at check in.
  2. Residents are responsible for the conduct of their caregivers.
  3. Caregivers are not permitted to use Fitness Center equipment or participate in other Fitness Center activities unless in direct assistance to their resident employer/host.
  4. Residents and their caregivers must obey Fitness Center rules at all times.

Prior to using a treadmill, elliptical or bike, print your name and arrival time in the large binder at the front desk under the tab for the piece of equipment you want to use. Top name on the list (not crossed off) is the next person on an available machine. That person crosses their name off the list when they take their turn. You may sign up more than once, but not consecutively. There is a map and color coded signage for the various cardio equipment on the fitness floor.

NOTE: Even if no one else is waiting to use a machine or none of the machines are in use, the sign-up sheet protocol must always be used to prevent any misunderstandings of time or usage for those residents who may wish to use a particular piece of equipment. The list keep things harmonious and prevents conflicts.

There is a 30-MINUTE TIME LIMIT ON ALL CARDIO MACHINES. After 30 minutes, you can check to see if someone is on the waiting list for that machine. If no one is waiting, you may resume your workout on that machine for another 30 minutes. Please ask a trainer if you have questions or need assistance.

If you use a fan while exercising, position the fan so it blows directly on you and does not disturb others. If you find a fan is on and you would like to turn it off, ask first if someone else needs to keep it on. If a fan is bothering you with its draft, please ask the person using the fan to angle it away from you.

Click here to download a copy of the Rossmoor Fitness Center Rules.

The following forms must be completed out and returned to the front desk prior to using the fitness center equipment or participating in classes.

Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire
Fitness Center and Aquatic Facilities Release

In addition, the following forms must be completed out and returned to the front desk prior to working with a fitness trainer.

Health & Fitness Activity History
Physician Medical Release

Residents with Kaiser health insurance must also submit a completed Kaiser Health Information Release form together with the Physician Medical Release.

Having this information on file in an emergency has proven useful in getting life-saving help faster.

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