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Both golf courses closed until Thursday

(Monday, Oct. 25) Due to unsafe conditions following the weekend storm, Dollar and Creekside golf courses will be closed to golfers and walkers until Thursday.

Several trees fell over and many broken branches still need to come down. The courses also experienced significant flooding. Monday morning, crews were on scene evaluating and fixing many areas.

Rossmoor took a battering during Sunday’s atmospheric river storm, which brought winds and rain into the valley. Mutual Operations Director Paul Donner said his department brought in five roofers and a grounds crew and had two tree crews on standby.

“It was a crazy day,” Donner told the Mutual Presidents during their forum Monday. “(Public Safety Manager) Tom Cashion was on scene and alerted us that we needed to bring in our crews. We were holding off on that for as long as we could because we knew we would be working all night.”

Calls ranged from leaks and ground drain flooding to downed trees, including one in First Mutual that temporarily trapped a resident.

“We’re still responding to calls primarily for rain leaks,” Donner said. “Any time you get that amount of water, any defect in the roof, window seal, gutter overflow, it’s going to find a penetration point.”

Donner said additional sump pumps also were purchased and trenches were dug to help keep water away from the manors. “There were too many ground-drain floods to even mention,” Donner added. “When the creek fills up, there’s nowhere for it to go.”

In addition to toppled trees on the golf course, a large oak tree fell at Dollar. A legacy oak nearby also will need to be inspected to see if it is at risk of falling.

No injuries were reported.

Cashion, who called the storm “unprecedented,” also reminded residents to act cautiously during events such as this.

“During a storm, try not to be looky-loos. It’s dangerous,” he said. “Stay home and don’t come out until the storm has passed. We don’t want anyone getting hurt.”