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Comcast charge explained

Bills now reflect fee for extra equipment

By Deborah Rose

Executive Services Manager

There has been an ever-growing line of residents at the Xfinity Comcast service representatives table in the Fireside Room. Residents have been concerned about an increase they are seeing on their Comcast bill for an unknown charge.

Xfinity Comcast Account Executive Brent Harrah explained that there is no change to the GRF/Comcast contract. What residents are seeing on their bill is a charge for additional equipment that should have been added to their account all along. The contract was always for a single cable box per residence.

Comcast has done an audit and is correcting accounts to reflect the additional equipment, which may result in a charge for that extra equipment.

The price has not increased for everything received as part of the bulk agreement, which includes enhancements of the cloud DVR and upgraded internet. The extra charge is for equipment not provided in the bulk agreement.

Whom to contact and what to do next?

Residents have several options available to them. If they have an additional cable box that they received a bill for, they can do any of the following:

  • If the resident has a second box, they can keep it connected and pay the monthly fee associated with the additional equipment.
  • If they have the additional equipment and they do not wish to keep it and pay the fees, they can disconnect and return it to the UPS store in the Rossmoor Shopping Center. Comcast has a contract with UPS to package the equipment and ship it free of charge. The UPS store is located at 1966 Tice Valley Blvd, Walnut Creek, CA 94595.
  • If the resident no longer has the equipment, they can discuss this with the Comcast representatives in the Fireside Room to have the equipment removed from their account.
  • If the resident needs assistance disconnecting the equipment, they can contact the representatives in the Fireside Room.

Comcast representatives are in the Fireside Room at Gateway on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 10 a.m. and noon. Residents are strongly encouraged to seek resolution with the Fireside Room representatives rather than calling the Comcast customer service phone number.