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Evacuation zone signs being installed around Rossmoor

By Ann Peterson

Managing editor


Signs indicating evacuation zones started going up in Rossmoor last week as part of the “Know Your Zone” campaign.

Each entry sign, or street signs for those lacking entry markings, will include a colored and numbered sign that represents that entry or street’s fire evacuation zone.

There are eight zones in Rossmoor, designated by WCR (for Walnut Creek Rossmoor) and numbers ranging from 001 to 008. Each zone also has a different color, reflected on the new evacuation zone signs.

Knowing which zone they live in can help residents if emergency officials declare an evacuation for a particular zone in the event of a fire.

In addition to homes in Rossmoor, the evacuation zones also include facilities such as the golf course, clubhouses, Fitness Center and Dog Park.

To further help residents know their zone, Public Safety Manager Tom Cashion distributed “Be Prepared for Fire Season” fliers earlier this year with a color-coded map and breakdown of addresses. Copies of those fliers are still available at the Public Safety and News offices at Creekside, Administration Building at Gateway and Mutual Operations building off Rockview Drive. Or view it here online.

Residents are advised to leave their homes if emergency officials recommend an evacuation for their zone. Those notifications might come by phone or in-person if there is an emergency. In addition to “voluntary” and “mandatory” evacuation orders, officials also might issue “precautionary” or “immediate threat” alerts to distinguish the level of danger.

The “Be Prepared” flyer also details how residents can get ready, get set and go as part of their zone’s fire evacuation plan.

All eight of Rossmoor’s evacuation zones also are part of ZoneHaven, a website that allows users to look up their zone and includes a portal that can provide real-time evacuation updates and preparation resources. Link: