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Firewise recognition could help residents to save on their property insurance



Tuesday, February 20 (8:30 a.m.): Some residents can receive a discount on property insurance thanks to Rossmoor’s recognition as a Firewise USA site.

Residents can visit the new Firewise page on and download or save a copy of Rossmoor’s recognition certificate, which they can share with their insurance provider.


The web page is available at rossmoor-firewise-usa-site/ A link also can be found under “For Residents” on the Public Safety & Security page.

“It is with great pride that, for the entire community of Rossmoor, GRF and MOD has received Firewise USA recognition,” said Jeroen Wright, director of Mutual Operations. “In additional to being important for education and advocacy, being a Firewise USA-recognized community means some insurance companies will offer our residents discounts on property insurance.”

Resident volunteers on Rossmoor’s Firewise committee have worked with local wildfire experts to complete a community wildfire risk assessment. That assessment has helped the committee in developing a three-year action plan that identifies and prioritizes actions to reduce the risk of homes catching fire.

The committee has set its mission as “Wildfire risk reduction while sustaining Rossmoor’s quality of life.”

Some residents have mistakenly thought that recognition as a Firewise community means removing all plants around Mutual buildings. Wright explained that this is too drastic an interpretation of a recommended Zone Zero ember-resistant area, which extends 5 feet from buildings and structures.

Developed by the Board of Forestry and Fire Protection, the following are the guidelines for Zone Zero:

• Using hardscape like gravel, pavers and noncombustible mulch materials;

• Removing dead and dying weeds, plants, trees and other vegetation, including near roofs, gutters, decks, porches and stairways;

• Removing branches from within 10 feet of chimney and stovepipe outlets;

• Limited combustible items such as outdoor furniture or planters on top of decks;

• Relocating firewood and lumber to a distance of 200 feet from homes and structures;

• Replacing combustible fences, gates and arbors attached to homes with noncombustible options.

It also suggests considering the relocation of garbage and recycling containers outside the home, as well as boats, RVs and combustible items, 5 feet or more from buildings and structures.

“Having these guidelines is one reason why Firewise is an invaluable tool for us,” Wright said. “It provides guidance as we make choices for landscaping and our homes.