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Food and beverage study launches survey

By GRF Community Services


Thursday, April 4 (10:00 a.m.): GRF is on a mission to enhance the community with new food and drink options and would love for residents to be part of it. Imagine more places to gather, enjoy a meal or grab a coffee right here in Rossmoor. Imagine dining as a destination … or delivered to the front door.

“This is about making our community even more vibrant and connected, with conveniences that make our daily lives better,” said GRF Community Services Director Ann Mottola.

GRF has partnered with Synergy Restaurant Consultants to carefully plan this out.

The goal? To introduce food services that fit seamlessly into active lives, social events and times to kick back and relax.

They will use a collaborative, resident-focused approach on a foundation of sound operating and financial practices.

How they’re planning to do it

Start conversations – First, they need to hear from residents! In today’s News, residents will find a survey to get their thoughts on the cur-rent food services and dining, and what they like to see. This is a first chance to learn about eating and dining needs today, and how they’re being met on and off-property. Every opinion matters.

Build dreams together – What is learned from the surveys will help the group plan where to start in several smaller conversational formats.

They want to hear residents’ ideas and preferences through discussions, focus groups and community meetings. Feed-back in these resident inter-views and discussion-based groups will help shape the vision for what community dining at Rossmoor can be.

Design the future – With resident input and the group’s understanding of the food service operations landscape, they will tap competitive market re-search and outline initial ideas.

They will use a town hall for-mat to review – and then refine – these ideas together, ensuring they meet the community’s needs and wishes.

Ensure it makes sense – Finally, they will look into all the details – costs, operating needs, how things will run, and more – to ensure that any new additions are practical and sustainable for the community. They will look at each possibility through a viability filter, considering the gate-restricted community, potential operating partners, and financial analysis that will guide an approved implementation phase. Food dreams must taste good but make bottom-line sense, too.

Why structured approach matters

Resident and community happiness – Tailoring food services means a more enjoyable and connected living experience for everyone. Experts in food service programming will make sure Rossmoor is creating something lasting and valuable.

Thoughtful planning – It’s important that new services not only meet needs and desires but are also feasible and well planned, meaning they make sound operational sense and realistic use of facilities. The group is focused on making informed decisions that minimize disruptions to residents and that benefit the community lifestyle and property values.

The bottom line – New dining options will be viable, affordable and beneficial for the community, keeping Ross-moor’s unique needs in mind.

Operating within the residential community means serving a pre-determined guest base. Planning will consider the wants, needs, and size of the dining community, as well as revenue projections, costs, and staffing requirements so Rossmoor can make informed expansion decisions.

Residents’ part in this journey

Residents’ insights, questions and feedback are invaluable. This initiative is more than just adding food and beverage amenities; it’s about enriching the Rossmoor community’s social and cultural fabric. The group promises to keep residents in the loop, value their input and move forward together.

“Let’s turn Rossmoor into not just a wonderful place to live, but also a fantastic place to dine and connect – long into the future,” Mottola said. “Your participation is key to making this vision a reality. Let’s embark on this exciting venture together, crafting a future where our community lifestyle flourishes in dining, sharing time and making memories.”