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Heater for Tice’s lap pool turned off

Inspection pending to determine if replacement is needed

By Mike Wood

Staff writer


Tuesday, January 30 (9:00 a.m.): The heater for the Tice Creek Fitness Center’s main pool, used for lap swimming, has been turned off pending an inspection.

A representative from Knorr Systems, which services the heater, is scheduled to examine it – perhaps as early as this week if scheduling allows – to determine whether it can be repaired or whether a new heater is needed, GRF Trust Maintenance Supervisor John Raith said Monday.

Until that happens, it’s unclear the degree to which the heater has failed. It was shut off last week when workers noticed issues with the burner assembly. This does not affect the exercise pool or spa at the Tice facility, as each has its own heating system.

This heater was installed by Knorr in 2017. Guessing that it might have a 10-year life expectancy, the heater may have reached its useful life span, Raith said.

Until then, temperatures will be cooler in the main pool, also because of the need to replace a roof panel that won’t shut. The project still awaits approval from the city of Walnut Creek for a permit to install. That work would have to wait until the weather is consistently warmer so that the outdoor pools can be opened.

Typically, the lap pool is maintained at 83 degrees, with the exercise pool set for 88 degrees and the spa at 102. The temperature in the lap pool is constantly being monitored, said Ann Mottola, director of Community Services.

Helping matters a bit has been unseasonably warm late-January weather. Mike Charter, a member of the Aquatics and Fitness Advisory Committee and a swimming regular, suggests that swimmers using the lap pool might consider wearing a wetsuit, if they have one, until the heater issue is resolved.