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Hillside pool heater repaired but water temperature to remain cool for few days

By News staff


(Thursday, Oct. 19) The Hillside pool heater has been repaired and was working as of Thursday morning, but water temperatures could remain chilly for a few more days.

John Raith, GRF trust maintenance supervisor, said Thursday it will probably take a couple of days for the pool to reach its normal temperature.

A “dual immersion sensor” in the Hillside pool’s water heating system had been malfunctioning since last week and had only been working intermittently until the repair was made Wednesday.

Daytime temperatures are expected to reach 95 degrees here on Thursday but are expected to cool down significantly starting Friday.

With temperatures rising Thursday afternoon, a heat advisory has been issued, along with a spare the air day. Residents are asked to limit their driving and time outside during the afternoon hours. GRF facilities will be open if residents need a place to cool down.