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Inadvertently sent email causes confusion over activation of new front-gate safety accounts

GRF not yet encouraging Rossmoor residents to use online and mobile features of DwellingLive program

By Ann Peterson

Managing editor


(Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2:45 p.m.) Last week, an email was inadvertently sent asking residents who had an email address on file to activate their DwellingLive account. The email went out before GRF staff were ready to move to this phase.

DwellingLive/Frontsteps is the front gate software-management program that GRF rolled out to make Rossmoor safer. While some features of the program were already live, staff had not yet asked residents to activate their accounts, which would allow them to manage their own guest lists.

The delay in activation of accounts was because GRF is replacing its property-management software (Jenark) with a new system and wants to integrate DwellingLive with it; a communitywide training program is not yet ready; and a technical support helpline still needs to be set up.

The inadvertent email went out Monday, Nov. 13, to just under half the residents in Rossmoor. Only those who have an active email on file received it.

Residents who did not receive an email should not worry, Public Safety Manager Tom Cashion said, as the current process to add guests and change a guest list remains in place. Residents can make changes to their guest list by contacting Public Safety at or 1-925-988-7843.

No additional activation emails will be sent out at this time because technical support is still not available to help residents with their accounts. Cashion asked residents not to call the Public Safety office or dispatch number asking for help because staff is not yet trained to offer assistance.

He said there will be a helpline and training provided to residents in the future. GRF staff will notify the community when that support is put in place.

Cashion added that those who are able to activate their accounts on their own may use the features available, but again, no technical support is available, so GRF is not yet encouraging residents to use the online and mobile features.

Cashion provided answers to the following frequently asked questions:

Q: What do I do if I did not receive an email from DwellingLive/Frontsteps?

A: You do not need to do anything. There is no change for adding a guest on your guest list or making changes to your guest list. You can continue to do this by emailing or calling the gate at 1-925-988-7843.

Q: I didn’t receive an email but want to make sure I receive emails in the future. How can I provide my email?

If you did not receive an email, it’s likely because we do not have an active email on file. If you would like to update your email or your other resident information, log onto and under Resident Info, click on Resident Information Update Form. Or residents can fill out the form at this link:

Q: What number can I call if I need help activating my account or help with DwellingLive/Frontsteps?

A: We currently do not have staff to help activate your account. In the future, there will be a helpline and training on how to activate your DwellingLive account. We will notify residents when this is available.

Q: Does this impact my RFID (sticker) on my car?

A: No, this does not impact your RFID.

Q: Can I add more than 10 persons to my permanent guest list?

A: No, you are restricted to only 10 persons on a permanent guest list. However, you can add unlimited persons to your temporary guest list, which is good for up to one year. After a year elapses, you will need to add your guests again to your temporary guest list. Permanent guests are permanent until you change it.