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PG&E to discuss wildfire mitigation Aug. 31


By News staff

(Wednesday, Aug. 30) GRF will host PG&E officials on Thursday, Aug. 31 at 1 p.m. to discuss wildfire mitigation work in the valley. The meeting will be held in the Fireside Room.

GRF asked PG&E to speak with the community as part of an educational outreach program, so residents can better understand the company’s fire mitigation efforts in Rossmoor.

Topics for discussion will include identifying and reducing wildfire risk, undergrounding and overhead system hardening, Enhanced Powerline Safety Setting circuits, Public Safety Power Shutoff events and customer resources.

The talk comes in the same month PG&E and GRF have taken fire mitigation steps above Rockledge Lane, in an area that has seen two grass fires this summer beneath PG&E equipment. Last week, PG&E added bird caging to its towers to prevent bird strikes, like the one that caused a fire in June. GRF also removed vegetation in that area to reduce fire risk.

The discussion will be led by Les Putnam, senior public safety specialist for PG&E.

All Rossmoor residents are invited. They can submit questions on cards handed out to the audience before the meeting.

Because the GRF Board meeting is being held on the same day, Rossmoor Television will be unable to tape and broadcast the meeting later. The Rossmoor News will publish an article about what was discussed at the meeting in the Sept. 13 paper.