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Phishing scam impacts some residents

By Mike Wood

Staff writer


Thursday, January 11 (8:30am): A resident fell victim to an email phishing scam, allowing a hacker to harvest all the email addresses and distribution lists of the person’s account and then create and send bogus emails to residents within a Mutual requesting they purchase gift cards, based on an investigation by the GRF Information Technology department.

In this instance, the perpetrator went under the guise of being a Mutual president, using a phony Gmail account.

It is advised that residents not respond to emails asking for gift cards to be purchased, nor should they respond to any suspicious email account or any other suspicious email requests.

The illegitimate Gmail email address has been blocked from all addresses, GRF IT Manager Eric Loranger told the News. With phishing and other scams prevalent these days, it’s important to be vigilant.

“If something seems fishy, pick up the phone, call that person, and ask if that is you (sending the email),” Loranger said.

The name of the victim and the specific Mutual are not being reported as the Rossmoor News does not disclose names of residents who are victims of crimes.