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Property tax penalty waived by county

By Ann Peterson

Managing editor


(Friday, June 10) The GRF learned on June 3 that the county has waived a $761,000 penalty resulting from a missed property tax payment in April for three cooperative Mutuals.

“We received the notice late Friday, June 3,” CFO Joel Lesser said. “However, we had some matters to discuss with the county for clarification and correction. These matters have now been resolved.”

The reason for the waiver states: “This decision is in accordance with the statutory policies of the Revenue and Taxation Code of the State of California.”

The county has granted waivers in the past for medical and COVID reasons. In this case, the property tax payment for First and Second Mutuals and Mutual 8 was missed after the staff member who had sole responsibility for paying the property taxes went on unexpected medical leave in mid-March.

The Accounting Department has since changed how tax payments are handled and tracked to ensure they are not missed again.

The $761,000 penalty was paid to the county using surplus funds from the Mutuals. Lesser said the county will return all of the money within 60 days.

“I am grateful that the county approved our request for cancellation and refund of the penalties,” Lesser said.