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Residents asked to look out for suspicious person

A suspicious person was caught on a resident’s Ring camera on Wednesday, Oct. 12.

By Ann Peterson

Managing editor


(Thursday, Oct. 13) A Canyonwood Court resident contacted Securitas about a possible suspicious person who attempted to gain access to his manor on Wednesday, Oct. 12.

The resident’s Ring camera caught the unidentified woman at 5:18 p.m. rolling a package down the corridor. On the video, she glances around as if looking for cameras and then tries the handle of a door that was locked. A screen grab from the camera is included with this article.

Public Safety Manager Tom Cashion asked any residents who might have seen this woman to call Securitas at 1-925-939-0693. Residents who see a crime in progress should call 911.

The suspicious person also was reported to Walnut Creek Police.