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For Residents

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Non-Resident Access

All non-resident must obtain a pass to be allowed to ride the Rossmoor Transportation bus services.

Pass options for non-residents:


If the guest will be living with the resident for more than three months, the resident and the guest must register with Member Records to obtain a membership ID application. The ID authorizes the guest to ride the bus with or without the resident.

Residents still must adhere to rules regarding guests that are established by their Mutual.


If the guest will be visiting for less than 60 days, the resident and guest must get an application from the Transportation department (800 Rockview Dr.). This application will allow the guest to obtain one, 30-day bus pass. This pass allows the guest to board the bus for 20 rides per month without the resident and unlimited rides when traveling with the resident.

In addition to the pass, the guest must have a valid photo ID. The pass will be punched at the start of each trip. On the last trip, the driver will collect the pass.

If the guest requires another pass, the resident and guest must complete a new request form from the Transportation Department.


The resident can request a resident employee or caregiver pass by completing an application at the security office to obtain a Resident Employee ID card. The ID card can provide unlimited access to property and to transportation services or can have access restrictions, such as days and times, which will be listed on the ID card.

If the resident employee supports more than one resident, each resident must be listed on the security access report. That means each resident must submit an application for support for any resident employee or caregiver, regardless of whether the resident employee or caregiver already has an ID card.

When any of the guest or resident employee passes expire, the bus driver will take the pass.

For more information, contact

  • Transportation: 925-988-7670, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Member Records: 925-988-7727
  • Security Services: 925-988-7840
    • During Normal Business Hours

To obtain an application please contact the Transportation Department,