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Second round of intermittent outages expected for Comcast services

By News staff


(Friday, May 12) Some issues with its initial rollout of its 10g network has prompted Comcast to rollback work it did earlier this week, meaning residents who lost service will experience outages again on Friday, May 12.

Xfinity said residents previously affected could see the circuits going up and down all day Friday, including WiFi access points throughout Rossmoor. The disruption will affect cable and internet services, as well as phone service for those who have Comcast.

Most of Rossmoor will be affected Friday, May 12. The impacted streets areĀ Golden Rain, Terra Granada, Horsemans Canyon, Autumnwood, Comstock, Tice Creek, Lakeshire, Wales, Edgewater, Rossmoor Parkway, Terra California, Grey Eagle, Foxwood, High Eagle, Red Wing, Spotted Owl, Quail Hill, Woodwren, Saklan Indian, Oakmont, Rockledge, Fairlawn, Ptarmigan, Skycrest and Pine Knoll.

The company will go back to the drawing board to determine how to rollout the 10g network at a later date. GRF officials have requested that Comcast provide residents with advance notice when the new dates are set.

A 10g network will bring higher internet speeds for residents in Rossmoor.