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Small grass fire contained above Rockledge

Photo by John Raith
A grass fire burns on the hill above Rockledge Lane Entry 8.

By News staff


(Monday, Aug. 7) Fire crews quickly contained a small grass fire on the hills behind Entry 8 on Rockledge Lane on Monday morning.

A resident heard a loud boom, similar to a transformer blowing, said Public Safety Manager Tom Cashion. ConFire had the fire under control in under two hours.

The fire burned high on the hill above Rockledge, near the location of a June 11 grass fire. That fire, which came closer to structures, is believed to have started when a turkey vulture landed on a PGE& electrical pole or wires.

Only vegetation was damaged Monday, and there were no reported injuries.

Photo by John Raith
ConFire works to control a small grass fire on the hill above Rockledge Lane.