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Ted Bentley wins GRF election; Dwight Walker is new president

By Ann Peterson

Managing editor


(Monday, May 10) Ted Bentley won the District C election and joins three directors who ran unopposed to earn seats on the GRF Board of Directors.

Winning by acclamation, Paul Moderacki in District A and Leanne Hamaji in District D are new members on the Board. Mary Hurt was appointed to the Board last year and won the District I seat by acclamation in this election.

In the only contested election, Ted Bentley defeated incumbent Ken Anderson by a vote of 202 to 139.

The votes were counted by the independent audit firm Shea Labagh Dobberstein and announced on Friday.

Mary Hurt will serve a two-year term, while Moderacki, Hamaji and Bentley will each serve three years. They were seated on the Board following Monday’s Annual Meeting of the Members, which was held on Zoom.

During the annual meeting, outgoing President Bob Kelso detailed the Board’s many 2020 accomplishments, most of which came in the middle of the pandemic. Among those accomplishments were hiring Lopez and Associates to update Rossmoor’s emergency operations plan, launching the new My Rossmoor web portal, contracting with Enovity to replace lights with LED bulbs and manager other energy saving projects, winning – through the efforts of the Ad Hoc Technology Committee – a grant to the Contra Costa Transportation Authority that will place Rossmoor at the cutting edge of technology as a test site for an autonomous bus system, moving forward on a feasibility study for a water reclamation facility and greenlighting an update on the facilities master plan.

During the organizational meeting, the GRF Board also held elections for its new officers. Those officers will be Dwight Walker as president; Kathleen Stumpfel, for her second year as vice president; Hurt as treasurer and Hamaji as secretary.

A complete report of the annual and organizational meetings will be in the May 19 issue of the News.