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Tests underway for new access control at the front gate

By Ann Peterson

Managing editor


Testing has begun at the front gate for a new access control system.

In this initial testing phase, which started Sept. 15, guests entering Rossmoor will have to present their driver’s license and receive paper passes that they must keep on their dashboard while visiting inside the gate. Guests and residents who have RFID tags are not affected by this change.

Testing takes place this month, with the goal to go live shortly thereafter, Public Safety Manager Tom Cashion said.

Residents still use the same methods to provide access for their guests – calling 1-925-988-7843, emailing or stopping by the Public Safety Office at Creekside.

Drivers have their licenses scanned and a physical pass printed when they enter through the gate. Guest passes are issued for the number of days that a resident specifies, up to 30 days. After 30 days, even permanent guests need to have their license re-scanned and a new pass printed when they enter through the gate.

Security officers also can pull a report for guests who stay past the time they were approved by residents. And the access-control system automatically captures vehicle information, which is checked against a statewide vehicle system to identify stolen vehicles and warrants for felony stops on a vehicle, Cashion said.

“This new process adds a valuable layer of security, as now all persons coming into Rossmoor will be properly vetted and we will have a record of every driver coming into Rossmoor,” Cashion said. “Also, if something nefarious happens in the community, we will be able to quickly provide specific information to our public safety partners.”

Residents are advised that wait times at the gate may take a little longer during this test period as the Securitas officers adjust to the new system. Securitas has extra staff on hand during these tests to provide for an easier transition.

“We are not only bringing Rossmoor up to date technology- wise with a robust access- control system,” Cashion said, “but we also are reaffirming our commitment to keep our residents and this community safe.”

The system, which comes from the nationally recognized company FrontSteps, is called DwellingLive and eventually will provide residents with significant conveniences. These will include being able to use online and digital devices to add or remove individuals from their guest list, send a QR code by text to friends or relatives who want access, and bar entrance to people they want to deny access.

Those features are not yet available because of technical challenges encountered with the software GRF uses for its membership records. Cashion said GRF and DwellingLive staff are working to try to resolve those challenges. Cashion hopes to have the features working in the fall.

With the test phase now underway and the live rollout coming soon, residents are reminded that only visitors on their approved guest list will be allowed access through the front gate.