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Thefts, trespassing were down in 2023


Friday, January 26 (8:30 a.m.): Theft and trespassing incidents recorded by Securitas were down considerably in 2023 from recent years, according to a report by Public Safety.

Thefts reported to Securitas totaled 49, down from 79 in 2022 and 121 in 2021. Trespassing incidents numbered seven last year, compared with 11 in 2022 and 23 in 2021.

Public Safety Manager Tom Cashion credits the declines in those two important categories to the implementation of the new DwellingLive gate-management system, which went fully live last summer, and enforcement of gate-access requirements and procedures for guests, vendors, contractors and other non-residents.

“This is very positive news,” Cashion said. Considering that an estimated 3.2 to 3.4 million vehicles enter Rossmoor annually, getting numbers to trend down is an important accomplishment.

“Kudos also to Securitas at tightening up their procedures and holding their personnel accountable,” Cashion said. “We can improve these numbers even more once we get a pedestrian gate at the front entry.”

That gate project, which was deferred by the GRF Board from the 2024 Capital Budget project list, is one Cashion is renewing his push for, along with replacing the aging gate arm system at the main entry.


Public Safety manager credits stats to access control, gate enforcement

Gate arms accounted for most of the 21 gate accidents reported in 2023, two more than in 2022. Cashion also has a proposal for a traffic study, which also would be funded out of the capital budget, not through the coupon, he said.

A study would be part of continued efforts to curb vehicle accidents, which were slightly up in 2023. Injury accidents totaled eight, up from three in 2022 and six in 2021. Non-injury accidents totaled 29, compared with 23 in 2022 and 26 in 2021.

The thefts ranged from incidents involving items such as residents’ plants or Amazon packages disappearing from their porch to a November burglary involving a resident’s jewelry, a level of crime that Cashion emphasized is rare for Rossmoor. Thefts of catalytic converters, which peaked nationally in 2022, have slowed due to the drop in the price of their precious metals and tougher penalties for such thefts. That’s another area locally where gate-access protocols have made an impact. Cashion reminds residents that true thefts should be reported to the Walnut Creek Police Department, which is responsible for such cases. Seeing the trespassing incidents decline is fantastic news, Cashion said. Fire incidents totaled 17 in 2023, after 14 such cases in 2022 and seven in 2021. Cashion cited unattended cooking for many of those cases, and reminds residents to make sure there are no unattended cooking items before they leave their manor.

Medical calls trended down, with 1,596 last year. There were 1,763 in 2022 and 1,679 in 2021.

Lift assists were down considerably, at 340 compared with 503 the year before. Stair-Trac assists were at 269, 34 more than the year before but considerably fewer than the 374 made in 2021.