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Rossmoor Activities Videos

Recreation LIVE!

The channel features live streaming interactive content produced by the Recreation Department. It includes tours around the world, trivia games, classes, cooking demonstrations and choose your own adventures.

Each episode will be hosted by a Recreation Department staff member so be sure to check the live stream schedule below and tune in!

Rossmoor residents are encouraged to interact via the Chat Box. To watch a scheduled episode, please click here:

Recreation LIVE! Watch Now


Episodes will also be archived on our Youtube Channel, so if you miss an episode, you can still watch them here:

Recreation LIVE! Previous Episodes


Episode Schedule

Stay at Home Fitness

Disclaimer: Golden Rain Foundation provides this program as an example of general health and fitness programs. This program may or may not be appropriate for you and your circumstances, and you understand that you use this program at your own risk. Because we can’t be there with you in person, we cannot provide any assessment of your specific situation or your fitness for the program shown here. You acknowledge and agree, by using this program, that you accept all responsibility and risk for using this program, and release Golden Rain Foundation and Tice Creek Fitness Center from any liability. As always, you should consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.


Fitness Center Videos