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Contra Costa tightens face covering order to match state guidelines

By Ann Peterson

Managing editor


Contra Costa County tightened its face coverings health order to be in line with current state guidelines on Tuesday, July 7.

The updated order indicates that everyone should wear a mask or face covering when they are within 6 feet of another person who is not a member of their household.

The order also says that people who have a medical exemption from wearing snug face masks must instead wear a plastic face shield with a cloth drape beneath to contain coughs and sneezes.

And the order requires open businesses to ensure their workers and volunteers wear face coverings and to not serve or even allow entry to anyone who is not wearing a face covering. This also applies to people inside a business and those waiting in line to enter a business.

Face coverings are not required while exercising, including walking, but the county recommends carrying a mask that can be put on when coming within 6 feet of someone else.

The updated county health order was released to align with guidelines issued by the state.

“We recognize there is a lot of detailed health guidance coming from state and local sources, and that can be confusing,” said Candace Andersen, chair of the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors. “With COVID-19 spreading more in our community, it is more important than ever to follow the state health guidance and wear a face covering whenever you go out.”

The updated order comes as Contra Costa has seen surges in new coronavirus cases and hospitalizations. The county is even on the state’s watch list because of increases numbers of COVID-19 patients in hospitals.