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Event Center

1021 Stanley Dollar Drive

Event Center entrance.Rossmoor’s newest facility is the Event Center, designed to be an entertainment as well as a dining/social venue. The Event Center, in the heart of the community between the two golf courses near the Creekside complex, opened in January 2014. For performances, it can seat 450-plus people, and 400 people can dine in the large Tahoe Room. The Echo Room, complete with a fireplace, can be used for small social gatherings, and the two Donner Rooms can accommodate up to 120 people.

The Event Center is designed for dinner dances and live entertainment, and can handle full orchestras, to piano concerts to dramatic presentations and singing groups. It has a traditional theater-style PA system as well as a Lares Acoustic Enhancement System. The 40-foot-wide stage has theatrical lighting and the back-of-the-house facilities include a green room and changing rooms. There is a full catering kitchen that can handle dining events for up to 400 people. Residents book the Event Center through the Recreation Department by calling (925) 988-7781.

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