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Tennis courts.

The Rossmoor Buckeye Tennis Facility, named for the buckeye grove at its entrance, is an active complex with eight courts, a ball machine and a backboard.

The first Rossmoor courts built were at Creekside on Rossmoor Parkway in 1975.  The original four courts at Buckeye Tennis Facility were built in 1983 on Tice Creek Drive with the two courts closest to the parking lot added in 1991. In 2016 the Creekside courts were converted to pickleball play.  In 2014 two additional new courts were added to the Buckeye Tennis complex, as well as an expanded patio, trellis, kitchen counter, sink and enlarged seating area.

Throughout the years the courts have hosted clinics, team practices, backboard and ball machine play, as well as weekly casual drop-in days allowing players to hone their skills while meeting new players and potential partners. The courts are home to Summer BBQs, men’s and women’s team play and inter-club social tournaments that allow for tennis fellowship, friendly competition and shared refreshments.

The Rossmoor Tennis Club encourages all Rossmoorians to join the drop-in casual style play every Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the Buckeye Tennis Facility. All playing levels are welcome.

To join the Rossmoor Tennis Club, download and print the application on the website at under Members and Join Us.  For $30 per year, members receive a membership directory, email notifications of special events, social activities and tournaments.