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Counseling Services

For information about Counseling Services or for assistance, call (925) 988-7750.

The goal of Rossmoor Counseling
Services is Counseling help residents achieve maximum life satisfaction and maintain their independence. Rossmoor Counseling Services provides residents short-term counseling, home assessments, family consultations, long-term care planning, help with alternative living plans when needed, and resource and referral information. There is no “out of pocket” fee for these services.

Counseling Services is staffed by licensed clinical social workers with professional training and expertise in gerontology. All consultations are confidential and can be conducted in the Counseling Office in Gateway Clubhouse or in the resident’s home.

Some of the programs offered through Counseling are:

  • Cultivating Kinship: A Group for Women
  • Bereavement
  • Transitions
  • Stress Management
  • Life Satisfaction
  • Autobiography
  • Caregiver

Some of the special events offered by Counseling Services are:

  • Celebrating Rossmoor Women Conference
  • Ongoing Wisdom Circles
  • Rossmoor Men’s Conference

Jasmine QuigleyJasmine Hajyan-Quigley
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
(925) 988-7753


Penny ReedPenny Reed, Supervisor
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
(925) 988-7752


Click here for a brochure about the Counseling Services Department