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The Waterford

What is The Waterford?

The Waterford is a 300-unit condominium homeowners’ association, or Mutual 58, within Rossmoor. A five-member Board of Directors elected by homeowners on a rotating biannual basis is responsible for governance, while the administration is handled by staff located near the entrance of the South building.

The Waterford at Rossmoor

North and South buildings form a letter “H” with entry lobbies on the outer edge and twin dining rooms joined by a patio at the center. The Waterford’s common area includes two living rooms, a theatre, four private dining rooms, a beauty salon, two libraries, a galleria, a mailroom for each building, a café and a billiard room with a ping pong table.

Monthly Assessment

Operating The Waterford (Mutual 58) is funded by a monthly assessment. Statements are mailed each month to the homeowners of the units. Payments can be dropped off at the South desk, mailed to the lockbox printed on the statement or automatically withdrawn from a bank account.

A lake outside the Waterford

The assessment covers Mutual operations, housekeeping, insurance, reserve replacement, Golden Rain assessment and food service. Utilities such as trash/recycle, water and Comcast basic cable and internet are also included. Homeowners are entitled to weekly housekeeping and all of The Waterford activities.

Food service covers one daily meal for one resident. Residents can choose whether they would like to have lunch or dinner daily. If there are two residents living in the manor, the second resident can sign up to have a daily meal for an additional fee.

The assessment does not cover the homeowner’s PG&E, property tax, personal property and liability insurance, nor routine expenses such as plumbing or heating and air conditioning units.

Parking and Storage

One parking space per manor is assigned in the owner’s deed. The resident has exclusive use of this space. A resident also may rent a parking space from another owner, if one is available. This is coordinated between owners and is voided if either owner sells their manor or dissolves the agreement. Residents that use their parking space may have their caregiver park in the overflow/employee parking lot. Residents may not park additional vehicles in spaces designated for use by visitors or handicapped.

A lobby inside The Waterford

Parking of campers, trailers, boats, commercial vehicles or oversized trucks is prohibited, as is storing a vehicle that is unlicensed, inoperable or owned by a non-resident. Permanent parking for RVs is available within Rossmoor. For availability of these spaces and fees, contact Mutual Operations at 1-925-988-7621.

Each manor has a designated storage locker. These storage lockers are located throughout The Waterford common areas. Location of a specific locker can be found by visiting either reception desk.


Waterford’s property insurance policy is a broad risk policy, excluding earthquakes. In the event of a covered loss, the policy pays the cost of replacing all covered property (with a Waterford-funded deductible of $10,000).  When coverage exists between both the homeowner’s policy and the Mutual’s policy, the homeowner’s policy is primary. Waterford’s insurance does cover manor furnishings and appliances that are considered built in.  It does not provide for personal contents, furniture, belongings or personal liability. To ensure proper coverage, every manor owner is required to purchase a condominium insurance policy, generally referred to as an HO-6.  Public liability (especially for those who operate mobility equipment), loss of use if displaced from the manor, and payment of special assessments are types of policy coverage that owners should address with their brokers.  For more information, see the Amended Mutual 58 CC&R, Article 8 in its entirety, as recorded on Dec. 8, 2011.

Residents can dine on-site for lunch or dinner daily.


The Waterford is not an assisted living facility and does not have any medical staff onsite or offsite. Should an individual homeowner choose to employ a caregiver or assistant, full- or part-time, that private employee must be registered with The Waterford’s front office and abide by all Waterford guidelines for conduct in common areas. The homeowner is responsible for any infringement or expenses incurred by his or her caregiver or private employee. As such, the caregiver is not to use visitor parking spaces but may, by mutual agreement, use the owner’s deeded spot if the latter keeps no vehicle or The Waterford’s overflow/employee parking lot.

Front Desk

The Waterford has two reception desks, one for each building. The South reception desk is open daily 24 hours a day, and the North desk is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. Receptionists can assist residents with daily duties such as, making dining room reservations, taking tray orders, creating work orders for the maintenance or custodial departments, lockouts, guest room reservations, conducting welfare checks, receiving, distributing USPS packages and much more.

One of the common areas is seen inside The Waterford.


Leasing a manor requires approval from the Mutual. The Waterford allows manors to be leased for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of two years, unless the manor was purchased prior to 2012. A Waterford lease packet is available at the South reception desk. The leasing of manors is handled between the owner of the manor and the lessee.

Pets and Wildlife

Residents may keep up to two domestic pets, including caged birds, dogs or cats, none of which may weigh more than 25 pounds. No animals may be kept, bred, maintained or raised for commercial use. Outside the manor, dogs must be on leash and enter and exit through side doors. Droppings must be promptly removed by the owner or responsible walker.


Residents should not feed ducks, geese, wildlife or feral cats. Bird feeders are not permitted, since this encourages undesirable animals and vermin such as rats, mice, skunks, raccoons and insect pests.