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Fire Protection and Water Conservation

Fire Protection

Fire protection is of great importance in Rossmoor. To create defensible space, grasses are cut annually within 100 feet of structures in May or June. Trees are also limbed up to 10 feet in areas bordering wildland to prevent fire ladder. For more information please visit the Contra Costa Fire Protection District website.

To learn more about fire protection preparations, check out this KTVU video, starting at the 1:21 mark.

News photo by Dan Rosenstrauch Worker’s use a chainsaw to cut out shrubs 30 feet from the road along Terra Granada..

Water Conservation

California is a drought state. Though we may not currently be in drought, East Bay reservoirs hold less than 1 1/2 years supply of water and rates continue to rise annually. In order to keep coupon costs down, we conserve water in the landscape in every way we can. To learn more, visit Rossmoor’s Water Conservation Committee’s website.

To see how Rossmoor’s conservation efforts have paid off, read what EBMUD has to say about our water savings.