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Landscaping: FAQs

Commonly Used Plants in Rossmoor

We often get questions about why there is not a larger variety of plants used in Rossmoor. While we’d like to have a variety of plants as much as you do, unfortunately, our selections are narrowed greatly because of deer, water use concerns, fire risks and disease. Luckily, there are still lots of beautiful plants that we are able to use.

Keep your eye open for quarterly newspaper articles highlighting plants of interest. For previous articles please follow the links below.

Hardy azaleas will soon be in bloom in Rossmoor

Crepe myrtle: beautiful by any name

Nyssa tree starts turning colors early

Carport Servicing

The landscape department does not service or clean leaves from carports.

Leaf Blowing and Removal FAQs

QUESTION: Why don’t the gardeners use rakes and brooms instead of blowers?
ANSWER: It takes many times longer to clear areas of leaf debris and dirt with rakes and brooms than it does with a blower. While rakes and brooms are a great option for small gardens, due to the scale of Rossmoor and the additional time it would take, service fees would be substantially higher for residents.

QUESTION: What about using electric or battery-powered blowers?
ANSWER: We are actively trying to overcome a few logistical hurdles that currently prevent us from using electric or battery-powered blowers site-wide and we look to transition as soon as we can find the solutions that we need.

QUESTION: The gardeners are blowing the leaves off the sidewalks into the landscape but not removing them. Why?

ANSWER: During the height of autumn, the leaves fall so rapidly that even when removed, they quickly accumulate again, making collection fruitless. For this reason, when a tree is actively dropping leaves we prioritize our time and concentrate on keeping sidewalks clear, then collect the leaves when the tree has finished defoliating. In addition, decomposing leaves return nutrients to the soil, which in turn makes for healthier plants.

QUESTION: Why do the gardeners blow the leaves onto the lawn and run them over with the mower?
ANSWER: This is a strategy for allowing leaves to decompose into the grass. Leaves are blown onto the grass and “mulched” with the mowers, chopping the leaves into much smaller pieces, which then break down and return important nutrients to the soil. It is better for the environment and the coupon, and benefits the grass.