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Resale Inspections and Requirements (Landscape)

Upon resale, each manor is inspected by the landscape department to ensure that there are no violations of policy before passing to a new owner.

We look for the following items during a landscape resale inspection. If found, removal or correction is required to pass final resale inspection, or funds will be held in escrow to complete the work.


Resident items are not allowed in the common area per policy

  • Any resident plantings
  • Pots, sculpture, personal items/decor, STEPPING STONES
  • Birdbaths and bird feeders
  • Any paving or hardscape including retaining walls and steps
  • Changes to landscape grade, especially against a building or structure
  • Resident changes or addition to irrigation systems
  • Furniture
  • Fences


  • Resident plantings that can cause damage to buildings, patios or structures including
    • Trees that will grow to a mature height of more than roof height
    • Plants whose roots are lifting the patio or fence posts or have the potential to do so
    • Plants that are touching walls, fences (these can rot structures)
    • Trellises or other items attached to Mutual structures
    • Generally unmaintained or overgrown landscapes
    • Changes to soil grade, especially against a building or structure (can cause rot)
  • Pots, sculpture, stepping stones
  • Furniture
  • Birdbaths and bird feeders (these can attract rodents and provide a home for mosquitos to breed)
  • Non-permitted alterations including paving/steps/etc
  • Non-permitted irrigation