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Exploring Rossmoor Parks and Trails

Parks, picnic areas and viewpoints are scattered both within mutuals and on GRF land throughout the valley.

For a map of parks and viewpoints, click here.

GRF Parks

Berm Park

Located off Golden Rain Road, it is near the intersection with Tice Creek Drive.

Berm Park Walking Path

Fairway Park

Located off the golf course, it is between Entries 5 and 6 Tice Creek Drive.

Fairway Park Walking Path

Birdwatchers’ Park

Located near Entry 17, it is off Tice Creek Drive.

Rotary Peace Park

Located behind the Buckeye Courts, it is near the corner of Tice Creek Drive and Avenida Sevilla.

Rotary Peace Park Walking Path

Buckeye Grove

Located near Buckeye Parking Lot at the corner of Avenida Sevilla and Tice Creek Drive.

Buckeye Grove Walking Path

Dog park

The dog park is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is located at the back corner of the Tice Creek Fitness Center parking lot at the north end of Tice Creek Drive.

Botanic Gardens

Iris Garden

The iris garden is located in the Berm Park and is best visited in May. For more information on Irises, check out an article in the April 24, 2019, Rossmoor News.

Sage Garden

The sage garden is located on the northeast corner of Stanley Dollar Drive and Tice Creek Drive. The sage garden is typically in bloom from late spring through early fall.

Lavender Garden

The Lavender Garden is located in the southwest corner of the back parking lot at Gateway Clubhouse. It is best visited in June.

California Native Plant Garden-coming 2021

The California Native Plant Garden is located to the west of the ceramics studio at Gateway Clubhouse. It is best visited in May.


More than 9 miles of trails traverse the hillsides and ridges around Rossmoor, leading hikers to points of interest such as the Labyrinth and Tice Rock. The trail system also connects with the surrounding Las Trampas Regional Park, which spans more than 5,000 acres.

To download a map of the trails, click here.

For more information on Las Trampas wilderness, click here.

Please note that trails may not be suitable for inexperienced hikers; you may experience uneven terrain, dangerous conditions and wildlife.