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Plants of Rossmoor

Rossmoor is blessed with a Mediterranean climate which means we can grow plants from many parts of the world. We prioritize plants that are adapted to dry conditions like ours whenever possible. Other factors that influence plant selection are deer, soil preferences, disease susceptibility, gophers and lifespan which is why there is not a wider variety of plant material at Rossmoor. Despite these limitations there are still many beautiful plants to enjoy and we constantly investigate interesting new plant species for use in Rossmoor as they become available.

The most common plants can be found in the documents below.

Plants of Rossmoor 

Drought Tolerant Plants for Sun

Low and Moderate Water Plants for Part Shade

Trees Suitable for Contra Costa

For more in-depth exploration of selected plant species that are seen here, please see past newspaper articles highlighting plants in bloom. Keep an eye out for these in the Rossmoor newspaper two to three times per year.

Azaleas and Rhododendrons

Lagerstroemia indica-Crepe Myrtles

Prunus serrulata-Flowering Cherry Trees

Iris-All the Colors of the Rainbow


Rossmoor is home to many interesting mushroom species many of which are harmful or even fatal. As the mushroom itself is only the fruiting body of a large subsurface fungus, we are not able to effectively eradicate them. Ensure that pets or children are not left unattended to accidentally ingest mushrooms.