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GRF District B

I am described as enthusiastic, efficient and effective. I have an ability to organize, analyze and improve processes, examine possibilities and move an organization to maximize financial well-being.  Throughout my career, I was able to maintain strong relationships with staff, stakeholders and community. I worked for 20 years in advertising and marketing as a media buyer, account executive and client relationship manager. After obtaining a master’s degree in Family Counseling at age 50, I worked as a manager for nonprofit agencies serving older adults. My husband and I moved to California from Chicago in 2015.

Maxine and husband Mike Topper

My goals as a GRF Director

I believe in strong, open communication where everyone feels they have a voice. Decisions will be made only after thorough review of all considerations.  I commit to:

  • Keeping an eye on the current social and financial needs of Rossmoor while looking to secure the continuing future of our community.
  • Helping the residents of Rossmoor better understand the responsibilities and functions of GRF.
  • Maintaining the high standards of our amenities to enhance quality of life as well as the value of our properties.
  • Working cooperatively with my fellow Board members, staff and volunteers of Rossmoor to maintain the beauty of our environment and the fiscal health of our organization.

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District B – 751 manors 

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  • Golden Rain Entries 16 through 29
  • Pine Knoll Drive Entry 9
  • Skycrest Drive