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GRF District D

During my professional career and volunteer history, I attribute my success to utilizing organizational and analytical skills. As an operations analyst, I was required to assess situations at both high and extremely detailed levels, spot inefficiencies or excesses, redesign processes, create group cohesion, and define steps toward a solution, while keeping within fiscal requirements. As a volunteer education advocate, I co-created and served as a director of a non-profit education foundation. Through those experiences I learned I have the ability and energy to impart positive change that affects many; skills that are also essential to helping direct the GRF toward the future.

My goal as a GRF Director

To thoroughly evaluate all angles of a project/topic before a pending GRF decision. My method of doing that is to ask a lot of questions of staff, consultants, and residents. The ultimate goal is to make researched decisions that are fiscally responsible and serve Rossmoor residents well.

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District D  — 736 manors

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  • Fairlawn Court Entries 1, 2, 4, and 6
  • Leisure Lane
  • Running Springs Road
  • Stanley Dollar Drive
  • Tice Creek Drive Entries 1, 2 and 3, B, C, D, E.