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GRF District F

My business career was largely spent in financial services serving the public sector, including states, counties, public agencies and health care and education providers throughout the western United States. My role as a public finance professional entailed working with a variety of entities providing services such as energy, water, transportation and water treatment and healthcare and education and involved funding of qualifying infrastructure and facility projects with proceeds from municipal bond issues.

Doing so required coordinated bond issue preparation with a team that included the issuer and its governing board, various legal counsels, feasibility and advisory consultants and bond sales personnel.

I reviewed cost-benefit analyses, feasibility studies, credit reports and cash flow and revenue projections and helped prepare disclosure documents for sale to investors.

Other experience includes working for San Francisco Board of Supervisors and for San Mateo County Health Department as a financial/budget analyst prior to attending business school.

My goal as a GRF Director

My goal as a member of the Board is to hear all sides of an issue and to compare costs and benefits both now and for the future of Rossmoor. I will consistently work to foster and enhance communication, a sense of community, resources and enjoyment of Rossmoor for all of its residents. My role is to provide prudent stewardship of fiscal resources and service to my district and all members of the Rossmoor community.

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District F  — 748 manors

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  • Avenida Sevilla buildings 1261 through 1297
  • Ptarmigan Drive Entries 6 through 20
  • Terra Granada Entries 1 through 8