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GRF District E

I moved here three years ago from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, to be closer to my daughter in San Francisco. I’d lived all my life in the Northeast.

I was a journalist, then went to law school. After working in a large firm for several years, I spent six years as a prosecutor in Rochester, New York. Then I bought a bed and breakfast inn and apartments on Block Island, Rhode Island, a small island 13 miles offshore, reachable only by ferry or plane. After 10 years, I sold the inn and moved to Cape Cod, where I worked for the local Congressman.

My goals as a GRF Director

I would like to promote better understanding by the residents of the GRF Board’s decisions and help them understand that the Board is always mindful of their many competing interests.

Rossmoor is a community of vibrant, intelligent, opinionated people. I want the board to encourage respect for each other and tolerance of differences.

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District E – 736 manors 

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  • Canyonwood Court
  • Ptarmigan Drive Entries 1 through 5
  • Singingwood Court
  • Tice Creek Drive Entries 4 through 12