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GRF District H

My background includes 30 years as an executive for a major radio broadcast company, managing multi-million dollar operations. I retired as a Vice President/Market Manager in San Francisco in 2013. I moved to Walnut Creek from Pennsylvania in 1989, when I transferred to the San Francisco division of the radio broadcast company. My career started with six years in public accounting, including employment with Ernst & Young as a Certified Public Accountant. I graduated from Shippensburg University with a business degree in Accounting.

Dwight Walker with his family

My goals as a GRF Director

  • Continue fiscal responsibility. The Board of Directors is responsible to all GRF members for wise spending with an eye on investing in the viability of Rossmoor into the future.
  • Work to maintain the vibrancy of Rossmoor as a community.
  • Ensure that Rossmoor membership has its privileges, which are manifested in top-notch amenities and reflected in property values.
  • Continue to work with GRF, staff, my neighbors, and Rossmoor volunteers for the good of our community.

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District H – 747 manors 

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  • Saklan Indian Drive Entries 2, 6, 8 and 10 through 13
  • Terra California Drive Entries 9 through 14
  • Falconwood Court
  • Foxwood Way
  • Grey Eagle Drive
  • High Eagle Court
  • Quail Hill Court
  • Red Wing Court
  • Rossmoor Parkway
  • Shadowhawk Way
  • Woodwren Court