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GRF District C

As the owner of a number of restaurants/catering businesses for 24 years, I bought underperforming businesses and quickly reorganized and made them successful and profitable. After selling them, I worked for 18 years with a national food distributor and helped to develop a training program for their sales team. In 12 years, the business grew from $9 billion to $28 billion. I moved to Rossmoor in 2003 and retired in 2016 to enjoy all that is offered here. I am a member of several clubs and am very active in the community.

My goals as a GRF Director

My goals are to work on prioritizing projects with the help of the staff, researchers and members and to make good decisions with regard to the needs of the Rossmoor community now and in the future. I also hope to improve staff working conditions and make it easier for them to do their jobs in a pleasant environment that will attract new employees.

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District C – 742 manors 

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  • Fairlawn Court Entries 3 and 5
  • Golden Rain Road addresses on Oakmont Drive Entries 2, 4 and 8
  • Pine Knoll Drive Entries 4 and 6
  • Oakmont Drive Entires 1 through 8 and 10 through 16
  • Oakmont Way addresses on Oakmont Drive Entries 4 and 8
  • Pine Knoll Drive Entries 4 and 6
  • Rockledge Lane
  • Tice Creek Drive Entries A and AA
  • Tice Creek Drive addresses on Oakmont Drive Entry 1 and Rockledge Lane Entry 2